About company

  • Design

Cooperation with friendly design offices in the field of steel structures.

  1. Production of Steel Structures - Production Plant

We have our own area and production area- two halls equipped with cranes and the necessary equipment and machinery for the production and processing of metals,

including shotblasting machines, circular and band saws, guillotine and hydraulic presses, plasma, cutting machines, lathes, milling machines, threading machines, bevelling machines, drilling machines.

  1. Structure corrosion protection

We protect a steel structure against corrosion in accordance with the design requirements.

  • shotblasting,
  • hydrodynamic painting,
  • powder coating,
  • galvanisation.

konstrukcje stalowe


konstrukcje stalowe


  1. Quality control of the Production Process

A control is present at the Production Plant during the production of the steel structure. The company has qualified supervision over quality.

  • Welder - IWE certificate,
  • Quality controllers - VT, MT, PT, UT certificates
  1. Assembly of Steel and Metal Structures

We have our own assembly team dealing with the assembly of structures in the field.

The management of the company ensures constant supervision of the assembly by persons with qualifications in the specialty of building and construction.

  1. Steel structure cladding

The structures installed on the construction site can be cladded with a sandwich panel or sheet metal; we also install flashings, roof skylights and other structural steel elements inside the building, e.g. structures for machines and apparatus, structures for fans, internal steel stairs, fire stairs, barriers, grilles and others.

Qualifications of the Plant- Steel Structures Manufacturing Plant


  • Quality certificate according to PN EN 3834-2 and compliance with PN-EN 1090.
  • VT2 (visual)
  • MT2 (magnetic-powder)
  • UT2 (ultrasonic)
  • PT2 (penetration)
  • IWE- Production is supervised by a Welder with IWE Certificate

The company implements projects of the Main Contractor (MC) and acts as a Subcontractor for large, reputable construction companies.

As an experienced Manufacturer of Steel Structures, we also try to meet the expectations of our customers and adapt our production and warehouse halls to their requirements.

ZIB Konstrukcje Stalowe also offers comprehensive services in the field of Steel Structures.

For assembled industrial halls, we propose to make additional elements such as:

  • cladding made of sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets,
  • flashings
  • support structures for equipment, for air conditioners, for equipment inside the hall
  • small equipment - internal and external metal stairs, grilles, railings, bumpers, barriers, metal construction

We are open to providing services for large investors and individual clients.

ZIB Konstrukcje Stalowe is perceived on the market as a Solid, Professional and Reliable Contractor.