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ZIB Konstrukcje Stalowe Sp. z o.o. in Poznań is a Manufacturer and Contractor of Steel Structures. The company is a continuation of a sole proprietorship known as PHU ZIB.                                

In the Wielkopolskie Province we are one of the dynamically developing companies. The priority of our activity is the execution, delivery and assembly of steel structures. We produce steel and metal structures for industry, construction, road infrastructure and power engineering. We manufacture steel and industrial halls, cold stores, warehouse shelters with assembly and cladding.

We perform the most
sophisticated projects

Industrial facilities, warehouses, shelters

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and assembly of steel structures, assembly of lightweight wall cladding, roof cladding, assembly of industrial doors, window and door joinery, installation of smoke dampers.

We also perform and assemble flashings, small steel elements and assembly of structures inside the halls necessary to start the production process. So far, we have carried out many projects in this area.

Obiekty przemysłowe, magazyny, wiaty
Konstrukcje elektroenergetyczne

Electrical power structures

We manufacture steel structures in electrical power buildings. We manufacture supporting structures for control and measuring equipment, steel structures for manholes, linear gates, structures for transformer stations, trussed constructions for towers and masts.

Our employees are a team of people with a lot of knowledge and experience, especially in welding works.
The company carries out projects both as a main contractor and as a subcontractor of large, reputable construction companies.

Small steel elements

As an experienced manufacturer we try to meet the expectations of our customers and adapt also small steel elements such as: external and internal steel stairs, gates, railings, barriers, grilles, platforms, ladders, steel buffers and steel elements of fences.

We also execute steel constructions for road infrastructure such as: acoustic screen poles and barriers.

Drobne elementy stalowe